Garangao Celebration

29 Jun Garangao Celebration

“The Sweets and Nuts Festival”

Children dressed up in colourful and charming traditional clothes, singing special songs in their own rhythm creating atmosphere full of joy and happiness. Garangao is a special festival celebrated in the middle of Ramadan. In Qatar it starts after evening prayers on the 14th Ramadan and continues till late night. This festive day brings everyone together, people prepare special treats to share with their loved ones especially the children.

The most interesting part of this is festive day is the goodies, nuts and candy bags. People like to order customised bags for their children as they find it very attractive and fun. Here at Tasmeem we put in a lot of effort to create unique and beautiful designs that everyone will love. We also take this as a great opportunity to showcase the beautiful culture of Qatar through our Garangao goody bag designs. We offer something sweet and nutty to suit everyones taste, from small to large orders. Keeping our promise of high quality standard we make sure to deliver you all the best looking and tasting treats.

If you are expat in Qatar and unaware of this colourful and eventful festive day, it can be a pleasant gesture to interact with your local friends and colleagues, so surprise them and show your love by ordering your customised Garangao goody bags with Tasmeem.

Garangao Goody bags. Specially designed at Tasmeem

Customised Cookie specially designed for Garangao at Tasmeem


Customised Cookie specially designed for Garangao at Tasmeem


Customised Cookie specially designed for Garangao at Tasmeem


Customised treat box for Garangao designed at Tasmeem


Customised designed egg shell nets For Garangao at Tasmeeem


Customised Papabubble candy designed for Garangao at Tasmeem