Introducing Tasmeem Cafe

17 May Introducing Tasmeem Cafe

“Introducing Tasmeem Cafe”

Did you know how the idea of Tasmeem Cafe came to life?


Yes You!

Almost everyone loves a good cup of coffee, the perfect tea, a moist cupcake, hot from the oven cookies or baked brownies at a fascinating garden where you feel so relaxed that you don’t even realize you are in a mall – Al Khor Mall. Yes, we have opened up Tasmeem Cafe in Al Khor because we feel you all deserve to enjoy our delicious treats which are made and baked to perfection.

We offer a comfortable, cozy and serene environment for everyone. Enjoy our selection of cupcakes, cake of the day, cookies, brownies, chocolates and a wide variety of drinks. Don’t forget our ‘House Speciality’ The Lotus Cheesecake which has become quite popular in a very less time, maybe its because of that little caramel drizzle on top? 

We have also designed our cafe very thoughtfully as we want all of you to feel like sitting at a serene garden, yet enjoying first class service with some mouthwatering and luscious treats, so good you will want to skip dinner.  Our ceramics and cutlery has been a attraction too,

Tasmeem does not compromise on design and quality. We are open from 10:00am to 10:00pm so you can enjoy some morning chit chat with your friends or maybe some late evening party with family at our cafe.

Located at Al Khor Mall

Located at Al Khor Mall

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